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Commodity supercycle explained (as a trader)

Damien / 27 May 2022 / Commodity trading

Commodity prices tend to go through extended periods of boom and bust, known as supercycles.
A supercycle is characterized by a prolonged period of rising commodity prices, supported by population growth and infrastructure expansion.

As you can see from the below chart, we have decades between each peak.

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The difference between a trader and a broker

Damien / 13 May 2022 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

How to differentiate a trader from a broker?

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Physical Commodity Trader Salary

Damien / 29 April 2022 / Commodity trading - Conversation - Trading companies

The salary and bonus is the most critical part of a trade life.

If you want to become a commodity trader, you are money-driven. Let’s be honest, I’ve never heard any of my fellow trader friends say: “Oh, I would do this job even if I wasn’t paid.”

Salary and bonus are the ultimate performance scale!

To conduct this analysis, it took us six months, and we’ve gathered data about a bit less than 80 commodity traders. So I won’t say it’s statistical evidence. However, it gives a good look.

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Are commodities a zero sum game?

Damien / 21 January 2022 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

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Conversation with a grain trader

Damien / 07 January 2022 / Commodity trading - Conversation - Trading companies

We have a highly experimental post today! A conversation with one of our teacher Gabriel, one of the most passioned grain trader you could find! This is our very first interview! We debated for a long time if we could release this interview, the quality is FAR FROM ideal, it’s hard to hear what I say… sorry about that!

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