Shipping and Commodity Academy

Earn Substantial Commissions By Promoting The Foremost Online Physical Commodity Training Courses

What Makes The Shipping and Commodity Academy Different?

Our Clients Get Results

We have more than 100 clients that got a job in the most prestigious commodity trading companies or started their own adventure.

Be Proud of promoting the Shipping and Commodity Academy

Let’s be honest, 99% of online courses offers are awful. Yet if you want to make any money as an affiliate, you are often faced with a difficult question. Should you promote that a course that pay well but you know isn’t going to work so well for your audience? With the Shipping and Commodity Academy, this should not be of your concern. We are here to stay and will keep delivering quality content. 

Who is behind the Shipping and Commodity Academy

The Shipping and Commodity Academy was founded by Damien in 2017 after realizing there was a gap in the online world about the commodity industry.

Damien is a pretty uncompromising guy that was one of the first to speak about physical commodity trading online.  

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Any Requirment To Sign Up?

We want to ensure we can give our affiliates the time and care needed to ensure they convert well and make both of us tons of money together. 

Because of that, we do have a few set criteria which we ask all of our potential affiliates to keep in mind while signing up:

We will assess the quality of your content during the application as well as the relevancy. As you can imagine, we do not want to be associated with spammy, low-effort content and will take this into consideration when reviewing your application.

There should be a visible effort to provide quality to your readers on the site . In addition, we won’t be able to accept people into this program who do not have a relevant audience.


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