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Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading


I’ve hired two SACA students. They were by far the best young employees I ever worked with. I would recommend to anyone to speak with the SACA team before hiring young talents.

Nicolas Mazza



Shipping and Commodity Academy is giving me knowlege about this world that is totally new for me yet, at the same time in a fast and safe way it teaches me tactics and problems that occur in the day to day of an international trader. From the first lessons you can realize how practical the teachings are, without few theories and in a fun way. Not only does it teach you about this world but it indirectly opens your mind to launch yourself independently by giving you all the tools so that you can approach it in the best way.

Roberto Jesús Benítez Escurra

Agri-Food Broker at Freelance

Really appreciated the diversity of professional backgrounds found between the different lecturers of the course.Furthermore, the course elaborates with an honest and hands on view of trading operations which to my eyes provides a more practical understanding. The certificate has enabled me to sharpen my knowledge of commodities I would not have necessarily looked into , additionally it prepared me to “”hit the ground running”” when I will be in an interview context. Thank you for offering such a program , was honestly not sure what to expect from it ( you know the reputation of the online courses ) but was happily surprised by the quality and depth of the program.

Andreas Grunelius

Recent Graduate

“The Shipping and Commodity Operation Certificate from Shipping
Commodity Academy (SACA) was just what I needed. This course was a
self-paced online course with valuable hands-on lessons from
professionals in commodity trading. Explains physical commodity
trading in modules and delivers lectures on how to move commodities
I immensely enjoyed this course and am happy I extended my knowledge
and trusted SACA with their training. And I recommend this course to
anyone who wants to learn more about physical commodity trading and
looking to start a career in physical commodity trading.”

Michaela Hurtaj

Product Trading at Suncor

For the year 2022, I wanted to get a greater understanding of the Commodity Trading Market and the main factors that drive Shipping’s Derived Demand. The Shipping and Commodity Operations Course managed to have given me exactly this understanding and more. Damien and his team of Market Professionals navigated me through a series of lectures and tests that covered aspects such as Risk Management, Trade Finance, Trading Contracts , Incoterms in Trade and breakdown’s of Commodity Calculations within a practical market approach. Thank you Shipping and Commodity Academy for this knowledge, excited to grow on these foundations given!

James Storm

Tanker Broker at BRS

Wanted to thank you for your awesome online course! It gives a great overview of the world of commodity trading and roles within it. Importantly, the course gives understanding of what is expected in different roles in commodity firms and how to develop skills accordingly. Also really love cases of real deals provided by lecturers. Gives you a bit of a real taste of the industry. Happy to have a quick chat with potential students and answer their questions

Gehrman Kosenkov

Trade Finance Officer at Alma Stone

The commodity and shipping academy’s Operator Course is absolutely amazing! I found this course to be exciting with real-life examples in commodity trading.The best part is that it’s completely online for a fraction of the price of other other courses! I’d highly recommend anyone looking to start a career in commodities to go for this course

Aditya Goyal

Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry and Chemistry

The go-to course for learning how to trade, finance, move and store commodities around the world. With an excellent pace and content, the course offered me a unique insight into the industry and provided me with actionable insights to land my dream job.

Marco Tula

Junior Merchandizer at Cargill

The course opened my eyes! As a port operator, I could see containers going in and out of the terminal, but I could not fully grasp the business behind beforetaking the classes. I keep recommending to my friend the SACA operator courseto those that want to break into the commodity world.

Mohamed Nassirou Soumanou

Terminal Manager at ARISE Port (Olam Group)

For me, SACA course was a way to change my career and enter the trading business. It took me four months to finish it; it was great because I could learn when I had time, as being a mom of a 4-year old and in the middle of a pandemics with the nurseries closed, I could devote only part of my time during the week. The best part, I received a job offer only one month after finishing the course! Thanks a lot, Damien and Team! Hope to see you at your next course!

Anna A.

Trading Operation Manager at ICP

This shipping and commodity operation course is just great. Straight to the point, practical and taught by industry professionals. If you want to learn more about commodity trading, this online course is the right one.

Maxime Guerrée Pacchini

Operator at ExxonMobil

The SACA course has taught me the essentials I use in my day to day routine as an operator. Including understanding various difference documents, understanding meaning behind incoterms, and understanding logistics jargon such a demurrage, drayage, and more. The course goes into great detail but still conveys the information in an efficient, easy to understand manner. The team teaching the course is also personable and enjoyable to listen to. Great investment!

Anshu Katiyar

Metals Operator at Concord Resources Limited

The certificate helped me to secure my first internship.

Korbinian Drews

Junior Operator at S.E.T. SELECT ENERGY GMBH

I really liked studying this lesson in general! Being new in this industry, it was very helpfull!

Edwin Bossy

Quality Operations Account Manager at AmSpec Group

The amount of value is incredible. I recommand the SACA operator course to anyone that wants to work in the commodity industry

Stephan Grobler

Commodity trader at Hislop Anderson Commodities

I learned a lot during the SACA course, it opened me up to the world of commodity trading and furthermore, I was able to learn about the intricacies about what happens in a trade.

Miran Saeed


The course in very practical and applicable.

Augustine Alabi

Coordinator & Trade at Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Very practical and to the point. The course focuses on the physical aspects of trading and its more hands-on with experienced operators and traders who can give real-life examples and not just some university professor with only.

Gibril Sillah

Head of Petroleum Products

Really enjoyed and learned a lot through the SACA Operator Certificate. It is an excellent course for somebody interested in entering world of physical commodity trading. Very broad; covering the mechanics of moving several different types of commodities, financing trades and ensuring trading is documented properly (there is a lot of documentation involved). Teaches a lot about potential pitfalls and aspects of trading that can go / are likely to go wrong for less experienced traders.

James Mitchell

Hedge Fund Trader


Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading


SACA has been helpful in my career. What I enjoyed the most is the real world examples which allows you to see a trade from start to finish. Incoterms portion has also been helpful as most people don’t know how to explain them properly and SACA does a good job of explaining it.

Alexzander Tillman

Managing Director at Arbolit

Great course introducing me to the realm of commodity trading and commodity operator roles and responsibilities, risk management, transaction types, trade finance and other topics.

Yevgeni N.

Trade Finance Director

Because of SACA I’ve got an incredible break trough in my career

Erik Schiskin

Senior Trade at Nama

The SACA operation certficate helped me to get my current job as an operator!

Samir Bugnon

Concentrate Operator at Hartree Partners

Congratulations to Damien and his team for their excellent initiative. The course provides valuable information that is clear and precise, which helps to reinforce my understanding of operations and transactions

Nicolas Pinto-Tironi

Director at Jaz Trade and Supply

The SACA Operator certificate taught me a wide range of information regarding the ins and outs of getting commodities from point a to b. Very much enjoyed the practicality of the course. It is not academic or theoretical – the skills learned can directly be used in the real world. The course helped me understand how the commodities trade works far below a surface level and get to the last round of interviews at a large commodity trading company with confidence

Garrett Kosowan

Owner at Carrouges Systems Limited

The SACA Operator class helped define the processes and terminology of commodity shipments very clearly. The different instructors were great. They all had real world and real time experience. Their different teaching styles and experience allowed for interesting and energetic sessions. As an importer of steel, the class also helped me gain a better understanding of maritime traffic. Especially during the COVID shut down and then port congestions

Dustin Clause

General Manager - Steel Divison at Intsel Steel Distributors

“how to move any commodities from origin to destination, how financing works, how trading works, etc… With that knowledge in your pocket, you will be able to ace job interviews and finally break into the most exciting and secretive industry that exists!”

Joel Ngalo

Commodities Trader

In my opinion, the learning curve is extremely steep, there is a lot of information to digest and learn. Honestly, it has been quite exhausting after every day BUT the industry is really interesting and I’m learning a lot so that’s good.

Kenneth Chong

Trading Analyst at ExxonMobil

Can say, without doubt, the knowledge in the course was invaluable in interviews as well as wider knowledge of the market. You really do stand out. 

Sam Balf

Bitumen Analyst at Vitol

SACA Operator Certificate is a very practical-oriented certification course that gives an inside detail of how things function in real-life commodity trading industry. It covers vast number of topics in great details. All the topics are taught with fun and the presenters do an excellent job of keeping the mood light throughout the course. It is a great course that works as an introduction to the commodity trading world, as well as serves experienced professionals!

Mittul Patel

CEO at Starfleet Enterprise

Saca Operator is very well structured coaching program, covering anything from the 101 such as incoterms, to the most advanced topics such as trade finance, biofuel blending etc. It’s truly mindblowing. This is knowledge one cannot find on the internet, unless they have hands on industry experience. Although it is easy to digest, it will take me a 2-3 months to truly master all the information.

Tedi Serjani

Managing Director at Serjani Corporation

Useful and practical course, straight to the point. Both the course content itself and the extra content is of quality and helps you to understand and process the information. The different speakers who explain the course topics are or have been in positions related to their subject matter.

Eduard Alonso Rovirola

Head of Sales at A3 Int Trading, S.L.

Very informative and instructive course. I was able to learn a lot about shipping different goods and what I need to be aware of. I liked the different codes for container shipping costs the most because I need this in my business.

Basaran Tosun

Managing Director at BT trading GmBH

I am part of the SACA operator certificate I’ve been learning a lot since I recommend everyone that is interested in becoming an operator to take the course 100% worth the money.

Odilon M'baloga Datoma

Commodity Trader

SACA is fast tracking my time to market by eliminating the need to do all the research, finding mentors and learning the tips and tricks to be successful in the industry.

JT S Mundi

Founder at Petro America

It is clear to me that writing this email became a lot more realistic with your help and the knowledge I picked up at the „academy“. So, thanks again for that. This has been an absolute jackpot and it is now obvious to me why you are so enthusiastic, this is a great business to be in!

Marko Marinokovic

Trader at RWA

Just sending you this email to say thank you! I completed your course last year, and have recently secured a graduate position at Trafigura. The information I learned from the course was invaluable in my interviews, and I’m sure having it on my CV helped too. Thanks for all the help! 

David Tresadern

Trainee at Trafigura


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Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading