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Break into the physical commodity trading world, learn how to move commodities around the world, and the principles of commodity trading. Perfect for career switchers and students. 


Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping and Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading
Shipping & Commodity Academy: Physical Commodity Trading



  1. I.IIntroduction 08:35 mins
  2. I.IIOperator 24:40 mins
  3. I.IIIINCOTERMS 101 31:25 mins
  4. I.IVINCOTERMS 2010 to 2020 05:20 mins
  5. I.VDocumentation 28:11 mins


  1. II.IDry Bulk Operations 38:27 mins
  2. II.IITanker Operations 55:08 mins
  3. II.IIIEasy Charterparty 22:11 mins
  4. II.IVLaytime and Demurrage 35:42 mins
  5. II.VLaytime Bonus 40:15 mins
  6. II.VIContainer operations 29:26 mins


  1. III.ITrade Finance 19:06 mins
  2. III.IIPayment Terms 11:42 mins
  3. III.IIIFinancial Instruments I 46:56 mins
  4. III.IVFinancial Instruments II 36:23 mins
  5. III.VLetter of Credit 41:46 mins


  1. IV.IRisk in Commodity Trading 23:22 mins
  2. IV.IIContracts 09:25 mins
  3. IV.IIISpeculation Myth 11:51 mins
  4. IV.IVTrading With Frontier Markets 11:39 mins


  1. V.ISugar Back to Back 15:11 mins
  2. V.IIBiofuel Blending 15:12 mins
  3. V.IIINon-Ferrous Concentrate 28:02 mins
  4. V.IVMilk Powder 16:44 mins
  5. V.VEthanol Ship to Ship 09:26 mins
  6. V.VINon-Ferrous Metal 17:14 mins
  7. V.VIIConclusion 02:52 mins


How is the course structured?

The course is constructed around five modules containing 3 to 8 lessons. Each lesson includes a video of 10min to 45min with downloadable support materials. At the end of each class, you will be tested through a multiple-choice questionnaire to make sure you understood the core principle.

What will I learn?

The SACA operation course will teach you the backbone of commodity trading; how to move any commodities from origin to destination, how financing works, how trading works, etc... With that knowledge in your pocket, you will be able to ace job interviews and finally break into the most exciting and secretive industry that exists!

Who is it for?

Mostly for students looking to get an edge in thier job hunt and professionals looking for a reconversion.

Can I just buy a part of the course?

No. This is a complete learning system.

Do I get access to the entire course at once?

No, you need to unlock the modules one by one.

Is this just for the youngsters?

We designed shipping and commodity operation courses for people of different ages, locations and skill levels. Age makes no difference.

Can I count on SACA to get a job?

Well… The course will do the job for sure. But we are not an employment agency and don’t want to be.

Any risk that I fall behind?

You’ll get lifetime access 😀, no worries!

How does the course work?

The shipping and commodity operation course is a video course with pdf as supports.

How much time does it take?

Five hours per week will allow you to complete the course in less than six weeks.

Am I gonna get a real certificate?



Wanted to thank you for your awesome online course! It gives a great overview of the world of commodity trading and roles within it. Importantly, the course gives understanding of what is expected in different roles in commodity firms and how to develop skills accordingly. Also really love cases of real deals provided by lecturers. Gives you a bit of a real taste of the industry. Happy to have a quick chat with potential students and answer their questions

Gehrman Kosenkov

Trade Finance Officer at Alma Stone

The commodity and shipping academy’s Operator Course is absolutely amazing! I found this course to be exciting with real-life examples in commodity trading.The best part is that it’s completely online for a fraction of the price of other other courses! I’d highly recommend anyone looking to start a career in commodities to go for this course

Aditya Goyal

Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry and Chemistry

For me, SACA course was a way to change my career and enter the trading business. It took me four months to finish it; it was great because I could learn when I had time, as being a mom of a 4-year old and in the middle of a pandemics with the nurseries closed, I could devote only part of my time during the week. The best part, I received a job offer only one month after finishing the course! Thanks a lot, Damien and Team! Hope to see you at your next course!

Anna A.

Trading Operation Manager at ICP

This shipping and commodity operation course is just great. Straight to the point, practical and taught by industry professionals. If you want to learn more about commodity trading, this online course is the right one.

Maxime Guerrée Pacchini

Operator at ExxonMobil

The go-to course for learning how to trade, finance, move and store commodities around the world. With an excellent pace and content, the course offered me a unique insight into the industry and provided me with actionable insights to land my dream job.

Marco Tula

Junior Merchandizer at Cargill

The course opened my eyes! As a port operator, I could see containers going in and out of the terminal, but I could not fully grasp the business behind beforetaking the classes. I keep recommending to my friend the SACA operator courseto those that want to break into the commodity world.

Mohamed Nassirou Soumanou

Terminal Manager at ARISE Port (Olam Group)


Damien Würsten

SACA founder

Romain Tassy

Vessel Operator at Nestoil

Former Operator at Litasco

Former Operator at Raizen

Former Operator at Totsa Total Oil Trading

Renata Würsten

SACA support

In charge of the Shipping and Commodity Academy Support 

Damien Maréchal

Head of Operations at Hartree Partners

Former Operation & Chartering Manager at Transamine

Florian Ciocca

Trade Finance Specialist

Former Finance Officer at BCV

Gabriel Epars

Trader Global Corn Desk at COFCO

Former Trader Assistant at Noble

Assistant Manager at Cargill


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