How to Build a Future-Proof Empire

Damien / 09 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Guide - Trading companies - Youtube

Building a multibillion-dollar future-proof commodity conglomerate from scratch may sound like a far-fetched idea, but in this video, the speaker provides a step-by-step master plan to achieve just that. The plan is based on the underlying assumption that the company must be built on truths that will always remain true. The speaker starts by explaining the concepts and assumptions that will be used for the 50-year vision.

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Running a Commodity Trading Firm

Damien / 08 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Youtube

This article delves into the raw reality of running a niche commodity trading business and the challenges that come with it. The author shares his personal experience and background, highlighting the importance of two character traits for success: extreme competitiveness and obsessiveness.

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The easiest commodity to trade physically

Damien / 05 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Youtube

Commodity trading can be an attractive option for those seeking to build a lucrative business. However, finding the easiest commodity to trade can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the motivation behind commodity trading questions and the reality of the effort required to succeed in this field.

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The 3-Year Millionaire Blueprint: Start Your Commodity Trading Firm

Damien / 04 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies - Youtube

This article provides a blueprint for starting a physical commodity trading firm and achieving millions in revenue within three years. The author, Damien, is the owner of several successful commodity trading companies worldwide and shares his expertise on how to establish a vision and milestones for a new trading firm.

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Avoiding Scams: Red Flags in Commodity Trading

Damien / 01 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Youtube

Commodity trading can be a risky business, especially when it comes to counterparty risk. In this article, the author shares his experience and expertise in identifying red flags when dealing with new counterparties. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing these red flags to avoid being scammed or wasting time and money on deals that are unlikely to materialize.

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