What Are The Most Essential Commodities in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Damien / 20 September 2023 / Commodity trading

Singapore is a bustling city-state with a high standard of living. As one of the world's busiest ports, it is no surprise that the country relies heavily on the import and export of goods. With limited natural resources, Singapore depends on imports to meet the needs of its population. In this article, we will explore the most essential commodities in Singapore.

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Commodity Trader Salary in Dubai, UAE: Survey

Damien / 14 September 2023 / Commodity trading - Guide

Commodity trading is a high-stakes world where professionals earn a significant chunk from bonuses and commissions. Vitol, the largest independant oil trader, made the news when it was leaked that the average remuneration rose above $785’000, which tops any top-tier bank's salary!

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How to Start an Artisanal Mine: A Practical Guide

Damien / 12 September 2023 / Commodity trading

Artisanal mining is a type of small-scale mining that involves individuals or small groups of miners working with basic tools and equipment to extract minerals from the earth. It is a common practice in many developing countries, where it provides a source of income for millions of people. However, artisanal mining can also be dangerous and environmentally damaging if it is not done properly.

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How to Ship Commodity by Barge: A Comprehensive Guide

Damien / 11 September 2023 / Commodity trading - Shipping

Shipping commodities by barge is a cost-effective and efficient way to transport goods, especially for those located near waterways. Barges are capable of carrying large amounts of cargo, making them ideal for the transportation of bulk commodities such as grain, coal, and petroleum products. In this article, we will discuss the basics of how to ship commodities by barge, including the advantages and disadvantages of this mode of transportation.

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How to Ship Commodity in Containers: A Comprehensive Guide

Damien / 07 September 2023 / Commodity trading - Shipping - Trading companies

Shipping commodities in containers is a common practice in the transportation industry. It allows for easy and efficient movement of goods across the globe. However, for those who are new to the process, it can be overwhelming to navigate the various steps involved in shipping commodities in containers.

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