How Samuel Zemurray Dominated the Banana Market

Damien / 28 May 2024 / Commodity trading - Guide

Samuel Zemurray was one of the most successful businessmen of his time, and his impact on the banana industry is still felt today. Born in Russia in 1877, Zemurray immigrated to the United States as a young man and quickly found his way into the fruit business. He started out as a peddler, selling bananas on the streets of Mobile, Alabama, but he soon saw an opportunity to build something bigger.

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Willem Middelkoop's Insights on Commodity Markets

Damien / 27 May 2024 / Commodity trading

Willem Middelkoop is a well-known Dutch economist, investor, and author who has been analyzing commodity markets for over two decades. He is the founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund, which invests in natural resource companies, and the author of several books on the topic, including "The Big Reset" and "The Tesla Revolution". Middelkoop's views on commodity markets are highly respected in the industry and closely followed by investors and analysts alike.

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Simple Commodity Buisnesses Hidden In Plain Sight

Damien / 15 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

In this article, the modern Merchant model will be explored as a means of achieving rapid growth in commodity trading. This model focuses on identifying and seizing niche markets within the supply chain, which are often overlooked by larger companies due to their small size or complexity. By leveraging technology and a touch of innovation, the modern Merchant can penetrate these markets and achieve significant revenue growth.

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How to Build a Future-Proof Empire

Damien / 09 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Guide - Trading companies - Youtube

Building a multibillion-dollar future-proof commodity conglomerate from scratch may sound like a far-fetched idea, but in this video, the speaker provides a step-by-step master plan to achieve just that. The plan is based on the underlying assumption that the company must be built on truths that will always remain true. The speaker starts by explaining the concepts and assumptions that will be used for the 50-year vision.

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Running a Commodity Trading Firm

Damien / 08 April 2024 / Commodity trading - Youtube

This article delves into the raw reality of running a niche commodity trading business and the challenges that come with it. The author shares his personal experience and background, highlighting the importance of two character traits for success: extreme competitiveness and obsessiveness.

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