How to find real leads in commodity trading

Damien / 29 March 2024 / Commodity trading - Youtube

Attending conferences and trade shows is an essential way to find new leads and understand the latest industry trends. In this video, the speaker takes the viewer on a journey to a conference in Singapore, sharing tips and tricks for successful networking and lead generation.

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How to start a commodity trading company as a side hustle

Damien / 23 August 2023 / Commodity trading - Youtube

Damien, a former commodity trader from Switzerland, launched his first commodity training company at the age of 24 while working a full-time job. In this video, he shares his story of how he found his first supplier, customer, and funding for his company, as well as the mistakes he made that almost bankrupted him and his company in the beginning.

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The Next Commodity Trading Hub

Damien / 16 August 2023 / Commodity trading - Youtube

The speaker in the video has 15 years of experience in the commodity industry and is from Geneva, Switzerland, which is currently the leading commodity trading hub. However, due to changes in the market, a new hub is emerging in Dubai, UAE. The speaker believes that within the next five years, Dubai will become the new leading commodity trading hub due to its location between the Western and Eastern blocks, making it easier to deal with both parties.

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What Commodity Trading Companies Do

Damien / 09 August 2023 / Commodity trading - Youtube

The largest private companies in the world are commodity trading companies that most people have never heard of. Despite their relative obscurity, these companies play a significant role in the global economy by handling the purchase, transportation, processing, and selling of commodities that are used by people every day. In a video, the CEO of these companies gives a formal explanation of their activities, while the second part of the video reveals the two real reasons why these companies are so successful.

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How to become a commodity trader?

Damien / 17 February 2023 / Commodity trading - Youtube

Would you like to become one of the most successful commodity traders? Well, every successful commodity trader started somewhere.

I am a former commodity trader and founder of the Shipping and Commodity Academy, an online school that helps young professionals students break into the commodity industry. I believe I’m well suited to give you some solid street-smart pieces of advice different from the kind of corporate bullshit that we usually hear. Our school has been running efficiently for 3 years and we had students that got jobs in the biggest trading firms.

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