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The ultimate liquefied natural gas (LNG) guide

Leon / 19 August 2022 / Guide - Trading companies

How to become an LNG trader and is it a suitable career for the future?

This article is intended to give you a brief overview of the topic of liquefied natural gas (LNG). We will explain what LNG is, how to become a LNG trader and will discuss if pursuing a career in this field might be worthwhile or not.
What is liquefied natural gas? An overview.

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Is commodities trading a good career path for you?

Renata / 05 August 2022 / Commodity trading - Guide

What job should I have? Seems like a trivial question but we all wonder about it at some point in our lives and careers.

We want to be happy at work, have a great salary, find purpose in our jobs… Well, we want it all. And while flexible hours combined with a great paycheck sounds (very) appealing, I have found out that such perks are sometimes not enough to keep you motivated.

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My Short Commodity Thesis 2020 to 2040

Damien / 08 July 2022 / Commodity trading

Here is my short thesis, which I’m currently executing on.

Part 1 : Monetary Tabula Rasa
Our entire economic system relies on the fact that asset prices have to rise. Pension, Insurances, Rates, everything is built on the premise that prices have to go up.

To protect the system, Central bankers, financial players & governments are ( knowingly (or unknowingly)) colluding to do whatever it takes to keep all the assets price up.

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Why small commodity producers stay small

Damien / 24 June 2022 / Commodity trading

For the last year or so, I’ve been heavily involved with all kinds of small-scale commodity producers ( by small scale, I mean roughly less than 250’000 USD net profit per year)

To give you an idea, I dabble with two dozen commodities or commodity-like producers, such as manganese, cocoa, water, rare earth, avocado, solar energy, etc…

Here are my observations

They fail to understand the ruthless commodity game they are in.

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How to find a job in a commodity trading company (best strategy)

Damien / 10 June 2022 / Commodity trading

The other day I was speaking with one of our SACA students that just finished his study and was about to start to find a job in the commodity industry. I was doing my usual spiel: the competition is fierce out there if you want to find a job in commodity trading, you need to be remarkable.

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