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Methanol as an alternative to fuel

Korbinian Drews / 23 December 2022 / Shipping

In today’s world, human energy needs are constantly increasing, and in the near future, an energy shortage or even an energy crisis is likely. Among the varied efforts being made to fulfill global energy needs, the energy transport by hydrogen and liquid biofuels like methanol and ethanol have become a great possibility in terms of sustainability and low environmental impact.

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How to start a commodity trading company as a side hustle

Damien / 09 December 2022 / Commodity trading - Youtube

When I was 24, I launched my very first commodity trading company on the side of my day
job. As a former commodity trader, I really wanted to share my experience.

I won’t share any magic recipe on how to make millions with your side hustle. Instead, I wanted to shed some light on 5 mistakes you must avoid while setting up your own commodity trading company.

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The Ultimate Aframax Guide

Korbinian Drews / 09 December 2022 / Guide - Shipping

The following essay will deal with the Aframax Tanker Vessel Class. Tankers between a Deadweight (DWT) of 80.000 – 120.000 metric tons belong to the Aframax Tanker Vessel Class. According to the AFRA, Scale Tankers with a Deadweight (DWT) of 80.000 – 159.999 metric tonnes are considered LR2 (Long Range 2) Tankers. The flexible market scale categorised tanker vessels with a DWT between 80.000 – 120.000 metric tonnes as Aframax Vessels and Vessels between a DWT of 120.000 – 200.000 metric tonnes as Suezmax.

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How to avoid losing money buying commodity ETF

Damien / 25 November 2022 / Youtube

Commodity ETFs mislead you by pretending that it tracks commodity prices. Oftentimes, trading commodity ETFs negatively affect the lives of regular people. How does that happen?

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The Ultimate Research on the Iron Ore Trade between Australia and China

Korbinian Drews / 11 November 2022 / Guide - Shipping

The following report looks at several aspects of iron ore transportation worldwide, focusing on the Commonwealth of Australia (Australia) and the People’s Republic of China (China). Australia and China developed an important trade relationship over decades and centuries.

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