Book Review : CyclOpe Reports

Today, we don’t review a single book, but a serie ! the CyclOpe Reports. The Cercle Cyclope is a french 🇫🇷 study group specialised in the analysis of global raw materials and commodities markets. Cyclope is headed by Philippe Chalmin, a well-known professor 👨‍🏫 at the University of Paris-Dauphine, France and a consultant to international organisations.

Each year the Cercle-Cyclope produces a thick 📚yearbook of 600/700 pages commenting the major event in the commodity world. It’s an encyclopedia o! Here a quick overview of the topics : grains, oilseeds, sugar, coffee, cocoa, meat, milk, rubber, cotton, wool, wood, paper, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, nickel, tin, precious metals, iron, steel, alloys, minor metals, Oil, energy, freight, pulp, paper, chemicals, recycled fibres, scrap metal, and much more !

The content is really interesting when you need to catch up with a maket that you dont follow on daily basis 📉📈. It gives a good recap of what has happened. I used to lend those books to my friends when they had a job interview, it’s a mine of information for a neophyte. I also use them from time to time when a client wants to buy a commodity that i have no knowledge of🤷🏻‍♂️.

The only downside is the price !!!! The CyclOpe yearbooks are not for all the wallets. It’s minimum 150€ 💸💸for the hardcover… It’s a nice gift to make to yourself if you can afford it.

My grade 4/6 ( because of the price )

P.s. you can find them in english or french

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Damien W.

P.S. If you want to buy the book or read different reviews, click on the link below to land on amazon

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