A Documentary you must watch 



Years ago, completely out of nowhere I fell on this documentary on ARTE  a french network ( feels old to talk about watching TV…!). It was such as good one! very insightful! It was not another film with the sole purpose to put traders down.


A couple of days ago, again completely out of nowhere,  I found the documentary on youtube translated into English! I had to share it with you It’s a must watch!


Funny story, In my first intra-African fly from Dakar to Abidjan, I saw a recognize a man that I knew he was a commodity trader but could not recall his name nor how I know him. So I collected my courage and went talk to him.  I did know him! It was the rice trader from the documentary, Njack Kane ! Haha!



Let me know what you think about it !


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Damien W.