Where to follow Damien W.

Hello, I won’t be writing blog posts, but you can follow my content on the 3 differents platforms below Click here to read my post on LinkedIn   Click here to follow me on Twitter Click here to watch videos on Youtube Damien...

My Short Commodity Thesis 2020 to 2040

Here is my short thesis, which I’m currently executing on.  Part 1 : Monetary Tabula Rasa  Our entire economic system relies on the fact that asset prices have to rise. Pension, Insurances, Rates, everything is built on the premise that prices have to go up.   ...
Why small commodity producers stay small

Why small commodity producers stay small

For the last year or so, I’ve been heavily involved with all kinds of small-scale commodity producers ( by small scale, I mean roughly less than 250’000 USD net profit per year) To give you an idea, I dabble with two dozen commodities or commodity-like...
Commodity supercycle explained (as a trader)

Commodity supercycle explained (as a trader)

Commodity prices tend to go through extended periods of boom and bust, known as supercycles.  A supercycle is characterized by a prolonged period of rising commodity prices, supported by population growth and infrastructure expansion. As you can see from the below...


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