Book Review : Dynasties of the Sea

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Dynasties of the Sea introduce the sea-tycoons to the general public. We get to know a little bit better the people and families(mafia?) behind the steel giants?. The style is easy to read and chapter short enough to avoid any boredom. There is no crispy inside intel to glane, but the book gives a fair look on how the magnates see the world economics, politics and shipping.

I learned a lot about people that shaped the shipping world, most of them were completely unknown to me. As always when you hang around the top players, there is a lot of value to get. Love some of the quotes :”A strong balance sheet is a sign of weak management and the reason behind the weakness is that management can get lazy” – Tor Olav Troim “If a deal can’t be explained on a half a sheet of paper, I am not interested” – John Fredrisken

As the landscape is rapidly shifting in shipping, the books is already outdated… a couple of companies do not exist anymore. Another weak point is the lack of depth ! The idea behind the book is great, but it feels like it has not been covered as good as reader could hope ?

This book is an interested-read for the people deeply involved within the shipping industry. ⚓️It will give you enough context to understand where comes from the industry and will increase your name dropping capacity ?

Grade 4/6

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Damien W.

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