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Maritime Economic is the encyclopedia of shipping biz. It’s a Kraken-size book, that could be quite… daring!?

But you don’t need to read it cover to cover. You can cherry pick? the subject one by one and read your way through. It goes from freight rate mechanism to liner fleet via vessel design. You will not be disappointed.

I really like this book because it’s accessible to every kind of reader. The young sailor will learn basic information about supply and demand, while the old sea-dog will find *joy* with a complex shipping market modeling formula.

This book could be also useful if you want to drop knowledge-bomb during a job interview. Memorize 5 to 8 dates, prices, information, etc… that you will casually drop during the conversation. ?

Martin Stopford ( the author) sits at the board of Clarkson – the biggest shipbroker ⚓️– and leads their research department there. We can safely assume, he knows his shit.

The only weak point of the book comes from his date of publication. The data is outdated.

My Grade : 6/6

Damien W.

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