7 Risks in commodity trading

Damien / 06 August 2021 / Commodity trading - Derivatives - Trade finance - Trading companies

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Book Review : Letters of Credit and Documentary collections

Damien / 22 January 2021 / Book review - Trade finance

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The Trading Pope

Damien / 18 March 2020 / Commodity trading - Conversation - Trade finance

Christian Weyer: his name is known only to specialists. Yet it is he who has helped to make Geneva a world trading capital. Still active at age 84, he agreed to speak for the first time.

Christian Weyer removes his glasses and mobilizes his intact memory. To tell his story, he must rejuvenate nearly forty years. A world. At the end of the 1960s, the signature of a Turkish bank is not worth much, the Bombay Merchants are famous for arguing endlessly, China does not exist on commercial cards.

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Conversation with a trade finance officer

Damien / 04 February 2020 / Commodity trading - Conversation - Trade finance - Trading companies

As the first conversation received a ton of good feedback ( thanks again for your emails and comments 🙂 ), here is a new interview with my good friend and also teacher Florian. Yeah… you’ve read it right, he is my friend AND banker 😉
As you may know, I’m not a big fan of the banks…! BUT once in a while, I have to put my nice suit on ( preferably grey or navy blue) and meet with them to negotiate financing terms. It’s easy, without financing, commodity trading would not be possible.

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