Book Review : Sugar Casino

Today we review the exellent Sugar Casino by Jonathan Kingsman. The author is THE world-class reference when we speak about sugar & trading. He sold his sugar brokerage firm to Platts & is the founder of the current most important sugar conference !
The book is a gem 💎! Everyone involved in the sugar industry must have a look. It reviews every challenge of the industry, human rights, sustainability, 📈speculation📉, trading, health,etc…
I found the explanation of how works a trading company really clear and easy to understand🤔👌🏻😀. The picture about food prices and difficulties to have a “fair price” is also well explained and should be red by every policy makers and/or trader-haters🤬! For the speculation part, I would have liked to read something different the usual “trader good because good liquidity”. I think there is a bit more to say about that for a person of the level of Mr. Kingsman 🤴🏻.
The interviews are a good addon but the quality is inequal. For instance the interview in the sustainability part with Sunny Verghese ( CEO of Olam) is just a joke! 🤡 ! It looks like is was written by a PR firm. On the other end, I really enjoyed the ones with Kuok and Potter.
On the overall, great book 📚that I recommend to everyone! 👍🏼 and not only to the sugar people! Most of the issues disscused could be easly translated to other industries.
Grade 5.75/6 🤴🏻


Damien W.

P.S. If you want to buy the book or read different reviews, click on the link below to land on amazon

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