Book Review : Principles

Today we a have a book not directly related to shipping and commodity, BUT a book written by the founder of the BIGGEST 📈 hedge 📉found in the world cannot be to far in term of interest! And Principles by Ray Dalio is one of a kind !!!!
The main idea behind this thick book (550 pages) is to create for yourself “good” Principles to live by in order to take right decision based on those core principles. The 1st part is more a personal approach, while the 2nd is about how to create a 🌍world-class organization (with Bridgewater ( his hedge fund) as example).
I really liked the 1st part about his life and background, I found interesting the way he sets goals, diagnoses problems and designs “machine” to achieve. The book is also full of powerful quote to ponder.
“Embrace reality and deal with it”
« Pain+ Reflection = Progress”
But mannnnn! The rest goes too far for a simple mind 🧠 as me. I understand the core concept behind Principles but his methodology is impossible to swallow. It’s just too much, too much organized, too much analyzed, too thorough. His entire process is alien to me. It’s probably why I will never run a multi-billon hedge fund. 🤔🤭🙂
Cleary Ray Dalio puts a lot of thought in his book and his ultimate goal at his stage of life is to help as much people as possible. For a friend, Principles was truly lifechanging and a blueprint to follow for success! 🥇for me, it’s was just… impossible to digest.

My grade 4.5/6


Damien W.

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