Book Review : Trading Commodities & Financial Futures

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I’ll be blunt. I didn’t like this book. ?When George Kleinmann claims the most valuable tool is “moving average”, I have trouble to take the guy seriously. That being said, it may have some value for beginners.

The book is general and covers a lot of different topics. On 250 pages, the 1st 100 pages have some degree of interest for a complete neophyte. It explains how the future market works, ?the different kind of orders, the options and a light touch of market fundamental. The topics are well explained and at reach for everyone.

The rest of the 2/3, I have an issue with. Most of the material could be found for free on internet. It’s too wide and feels like the author wrote to add pages, not value. The trader mind set, technical “analyse”, the 25 trading secrets, etc… those parts are poor. I don’t know what it was like in the 80’s, 90’s, but everything from those parts IMO is outdated. I also have trouble to understand who is George Kleinmann, It seems to be more a broker than a trader when we look at the examples drawn from the pit.

To sum up, if you are a total beginner and you want a book to support your fantasy of making money on the futures behind you screen?. Go buy it. Otherwise, there is better book out there.

My grade 2/6


Damien W.

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