Book Review : The King of Oil

I love this book! 😍I’m also completely bias, so don’t expect to have an objective review here. Thinking back, this book was one of the trigger that won me over a career in commodities. I don’t know what it says about ME… 🤔Anyway, let’s dive in!
The book is not a very detailed, it’s a fast read. OF COURSE, the author is completely on Marc’s side, so don’t expect to have any kind of critics. This is basically PR for Mr. Rich😇. The really shady shit isn’t disclosed at all.  I secretly hope that now that Mr. Rich has passed away, the tongues will be untied and we will learn the deep secrets.🔬
Marc Rich had an incredibly life, which is well translated in book! You understand quickly why he could be called by so many names; fugitive, peacemaker, philanthropist, thief, CEO, piece-of-💩, founder. He was at the origin of the modern way of trading commodity, he is even credited with invention of the spot crude oil market.
Marc is a true trader 💰 in his body and soul. Every situation was good to make profit of, 💵💴💶💷by lending to distress mine, arranging world bank loan for his clients, nothing is impossible. Mr. Rich succeed to sell Iranian crude oil through a pipeline crossing Israel…! I didn’t get bored by the poor written style and crushed each time in few days.
Grade 6/6💎💎💎


Damien W.

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