The ADM Price-Fixing Conspiracy: Uncovering the Full Story

Renata / 04 March 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

In the early 1990s, the Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) company was embroiled in a massive price-fixing conspiracy that rocked the agricultural industry. The ADM scandal involved executives from the company and several competitors, who were caught conspiring to fix the price of lysine, an amino acid used in animal feed. The scandal resulted in criminal charges, fines, and prison sentences for several high-ranking executives.

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The Sumitomo Copper Scandal of 1996: Uncovering the Involvement of Yasuo Hamanaka

Renata / 28 February 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

In 1996, one of the biggest financial scandals in history rocked the copper market. Yasuo Hamanaka, a trader for Sumitomo Corporation, was accused of single-handedly manipulating the copper market and causing losses of over $2.6 billion for his company. The scandal sent shockwaves throughout the financial world and raised questions about the integrity of the commodities market.

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Why Vetting Counterparties is Crucial in Commodity Trading

Renata / 22 February 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

Vetting counterparties is a crucial aspect of commodity trading. It refers to the process of evaluating potential business partners to determine their suitability for a transaction. This evaluation includes checking their financial stability, creditworthiness, and reputation in the industry. The importance of vetting counterparties cannot be overstated as it helps to minimize risks and safeguard the interests of all parties involved in the transaction.

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What Does a Back Officer Do in a Commodity Trading Firm: Roles and Responsibilities Explained

Renata / 21 February 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

Back office functions are an essential part of the commodity trading industry. The back office team provides support to the front office by handling administrative tasks, risk management, and trade processing. The back office team ensures that the trading operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Who Were The Tripp Family of Dordrecht: Dutch Merchants?

Renata / 16 February 2024 / Commodity trading - Trading companies

The Tripp family of Dordrecht were Dutch merchants who played a significant role in the economic and political landscape of the Netherlands during the 17th century. The family's origins can be traced back to the early 16th century, when they first established themselves as successful cloth merchants in the city of Dordrecht.

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