Shipping and Commodity Operation Certificate



I. Module : Backbones

I.I        Introduction - 13:50min

I.II       Operator - 24:40min

I.III      INCOTERMS 101 - 31:25min

I.IV      Documentation - 28:11min

II. Module : Transport

II.I       Dry Bulk operations - 38:27min

II.III     Tanker operations - 55:08min

II.IV     Easy Charterparty - 22:11min

II.V      Laytime and Demurrage - 35:42min

II.VI      Container operations - 29:26min

III. Module : Finances

III.I    Trade Finance - 19:06min

III.II   Payment terms - 11:42min

III.III  Financial Instruments I - 46:56min

III.IV  Financial Instruments II - 36:23min

III.V   Letter of Credit - 41:46min

IV. Module : Risk

IV.I     Risk in commodity trading - 23:22min

IV.II   Contracts - 09:25min

IV.III   Speculation Myth - 11:51min

IV.IV   Trading with frontier markets - 11:39min

V. Module : Trades break down

V.I      Sugar back to back - 15:11min

V.II    Biofuel Blending - 15:12min

V.III    Non-Ferrous Concentrate - 28:02min

V.IV    Milk powder - 16:44min

V.V    Ethanol Ship to Ship - 09:26min

V.VI   Non-Ferrous Metal - 17:14min

V.VII   Conclusion - 02:52min


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