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Shipping and Commodity Operation Certificate

 The first step to become a physical commodity trader


The only (100% online + on your schedule) course that teaches you how to move commodities around the world. 


Imagine waking up, a bit jet-lagged by your last visit to a supplier. You prepare your coffee while checking your last messages. Your client confirmed your last offer and the market is moving in the right direction.

You smell your coffee while mentally counting your P&L. You’ve made money. 

Today is going to be a good day.

This is what a trader experiences and you can too !

But before carrying on, I need to warn you: you want to get in one of the most competitive industries there is… The big companies out there receive more than 500 CV per openings.


  • How do I make my resume stand out?

  • How do I show my willingness to do the extra step?

  • How do I outsmart the other contenders?

  • How do I put myself in a position to succeed?


This course is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed in your job hunt. 

The shipping and commodity operation course will teach you how to move any kind of commodities from anywhere to anywhere. With that knowledge, you will be able to ace job interviews and finally break in the most exciting and secretive industry that exists!

I already see some of you objecting: HEY! I want to be a trader… I need to know how to trade! Not how to move commodities!

This is where you are soooooo wrong my friend. Learning how to move commodities is the skill traders need to master. Skipping this phase would lead to a big hole in your education and may prevent you from achieving your career goal.

Furthermore, put yourself in the employer shoes: who you would rather add to your payroll? The professional you need to build from scratch or the one with the basics assimilated? Commodity and shipping businesses are not for the faint-hearted. It’s a fast pace, high pressure, money-driven environment and if you don’t feel up to it – stop reading here

IThe course is constructed around 5 modules containing 3 to 8 lessons. Each lesson includes a video of 10min to 45min with downloadable support materials. At the end of each lesson, you will be tested through a multiple-choice questionnaire in order to make sure you understood the core principle


I. Module : Backbones

I.I        Introduction – 13:50min  

I.II       Operator – 24:40min

I.III      INCOTERMS 101 – 31:25min

I.IV      Documentation – 28:11min


II. Module : Transport

II.I       Dry Bulk operations – 38:27min

II.III     Tanker operations – 55:08min

II.IV     Easy Charterparty – 22:11min 

II.V      Laytime and Demurrage – 35:42min

II.VI     Laytime Bonus – 40:15min

II.VII    Container operations – 29:26min

III. Module : Finances

III.I    Trade Finance – 19:06min

III.II   Payment terms – 11:42min

III.III  Financial Instruments I – 46:56min

III.IV  Financial Instruments II – 36:23min 

III.V   Letter of Credit – 41:46min


IV. Module : Risk

IV.I     Risk in commodity trading – 23:22min

IV.II   Contracts – 09:25min 

IV.III   Speculation Myth – 11:51min

IV.IV   Trading with frontier markets – 11:39min


V. Module : Trades break down

V.I      Sugar back to back – 15:11min

V.II    Biofuel Blending – 15:12min

V.III    Non-Ferrous Concentrate – 28:02min

V.IV    Milk powder – 16:44min

V.V    Ethanol Ship to Ship – 09:26min

V.VI   Non-Ferrous Metal – 17:14min

V.VII   Conclusion – 02:52min


The Team Behind

The Shipping and Commodity Academy  Operation Certificate

Get five professionals on your side to ace any job interviews!

Damien Maréchal

– Current Head of Operations at Hartree Partners

– Former Operation & Chartering Manager at Transamine

Gabriel Epars

– Trader Global Corn Desk at COFCO

Romain Tassy

– Current Operator at Nestoil

– Former Operator at Litasco

– Former Operator at Raizen

– Former Operator at Totsa Total Oil Trading

Florian Ciocca

– Current Trade Finance Officer at UBS

– Former Finance Officer at BCV

Renee Dupraz in charge of SACA’s support

Damien Würsten SACA’s founder

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[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] No. This is a complete learning system.[/showhide]

“DO I GET ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE COURSE AT ONCE?”[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] No, you need to unlock the modules one by one.


“DAMIEN, ARE YOU A REAL PERSON ?”[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] I took the blue pill. You tell me


“IS THIS JUST FOR YOUGNSTERS?[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] I have a busy job and lot of kids, is it for me? We designed shipping and commodity operation courses for people of different ages, locations and skill levels. Age makes no difference.


“CAN I COUNT ON YOU TO GET A JOB ?”[showhide type=”post5″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] Well… The course will do the job for sure. But I’m not an employment agency and don’t want to be. That being said, if I hear something about a job and think that one of my students could be a good match I will for sure do the introduction.


“ANY RISK THAT I FALL BEHIND?”[showhide type=”post6″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] You’ll get life time access 😀, no worries!


“HOW DOES THE COURSE WORK?”[showhide type=”post7″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] The shipping and commodity operation course is a video course with pdf as supports.


“HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE ?”[showhide type=”post8″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] 5 hours per week will allow you to complete the course in less than 6 weeks.


“AM I GOING TO GET A REAL CERTIFICATE? ”[showhide type=”post11″ more_text=”++++++” less_text=”——“] yes ! 😉



Our Alumni work for the most sought-after commodity firm 

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You are just one course away from the most exciting industry !   

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