As the first conversation receivedĀ a ton of good feedback ( thanks again for your emails and comments šŸ™‚ ), here is a new interview with my good friend and also teacherĀ Florian. Yeah… you’ve read it right, he is my friend AND banker šŸ˜‰

As you may know, I’m not a big fan of the banks…! BUT once in a while, I have to put my nice suit on ( preferably grey or navy blue) and meet with them to negotiate financing terms. It’s easy, without financing, commodity trading would not be possible.


Therefore, to have a holistic view of the trading activity. You need to understand not only how financing works, but also what banks review and how they analyze the risk.

Oh ! before I forget, during the conversation we talked about LME – it stands for London Metal Exchange ( clickĀ HERE to check their website). Last point, the interview is quite short as we had to cut a lot of it for compliance reason ( Swiss bankers remain very conservative).

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