Letters of Credit and Documentary collections by Thomas H. Ward is a short and simple book for beginners👶🏻.You will not find specification information or complicated case study, just simple explanation about the most common payment method. I remembered 8 years ago when I bought the book I knew nothing about the subject. Back then I highlighted 25% of the book!!👨🏻‍🏫

The payment method topic may sound boring, but this is a true cornerstone in any commodity deals. You need to understand the inside out of each transaction in order to avoid a lot of stupid risk. Poorly thought payment method may lead to catastrophes.😱

The book is a bit old and some examples are not up to date. Furthermore the document scans are really horrible (seriously Thomas? you couldn’t find another scanning machine for your book ?)🤔🤔🤔

I recommend this book for the true novices in their international trade journey. For the others, it’s too basic to be of interest.

My grade 4/6 🐥

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Damien W.

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